Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Resepi agar-agar santan

Weekend yang lepas, sebenarnya Ica sibu mengemas rumah. Sekarang dalam proses mengasingkan barang-barang yang perlu dan tidak perlu. Sebab Ica tak nak bawa banyak barang pindah ke rumah yang baru. So masa kemas semalam jumpa sekotak sumbangan yang Ayesha terima dari PDK. Ada macam-macam barang keperluan dapur termasuklah esen vanilla dan agar-agar. Rasa nak tergelak sebab majoriti barang tu semua untuk buat kuih raya. ( Ica tak pandai lansung buat cookies ) Tiba-tiba terdetik dalam hati, kenapa tak cuba buat agar-agar santan? 

Ica bukan tukang masak yang hebat, cuma memasak untuk keluarga makan je. Jadi beginilah resepi agar-agar santan tersebut. Versi malas.

Agar-agar tali sepeket (20grm)
gula setengah cawan
gula melaka (seketul dibahagi 2)
daun pandan 2 helai
garam 1/2 sudu teh

sebiji telur
esen vanilla
santan sekotak (200ml)

What I did yesterday was:

  1. masukkan semua bahan pertama ke dalam periuk, tuang air lebih kurang 1300 ml ( Ica guna tumbler je untuk sukat)
  2. Rebus sehingga semua bahan larut.
  3. Tapis bahan yang telah dilarutkan tadi, kemudian didihkan semula.
  4. Dalam bekas lain, masukkan semua bahan kedua. Kacau hingga larut.
  5. Apabila bahan pertama telah mendidih dengan baik, perlahankan api.
  6. Masukkan bahan kedua ke dalam didihan bahan pertama dan kacau perlahan
  7. Apabila agar-agar tersebut mula mendidih, matikan api.
  8. Masukkan ke dalam bekas dan sejukkan.

Ready to eat

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Visit Siem Reap, Cambodia - South Gate at Angkor Thom

Done with Angkor Wat, we move to the South Gate at Angkor Thom. A nice scenery there. A lot of tourists thought it is not the peak season yet. Mr Tong stops here and give us a chance to snap some picture here. Nani then decided to ride a Khmer Gondola nearby. So we went for about 45 minutes ride. The actual time is 90 minutes with the cost of $15. Because we afraid that we will run out of time so we decided to shorten the riding experience.

A beautiful lake with a lot of  lotus. We saw a big bird flying and playing. A nice experience for those who love nature, like me. I love the gondola :)

Monday, September 09, 2013

Our new house - Min Garden

Finally we received our new house's key! Alhamdulillah. So last Saturday we went and checked the entire house before submitting the complaint form. Well, I can see that Insyirah is excited but mama and papa currently trying so hard to decorate our house within budget. hehe

Mama! sini ambil gambar kakak. Konon kakak yang tanam pokok ni.
>  _  <
Alhamdulillah we managed to buy the first phase house which is cheeeeeeeeper than the second phase with more or less RM 70,000 difference. But the second phase with slightly different design. Ya, but for RM70,000, i can do a lot of things!

Second phase houses with bigger door. Erk, we don't need bigger door. I am not that fat that I can enter the house with this door size. hehe

I have few plans of decorating our new house. But I still cant decide which one is the best. Well, I don't have much time to rearrange those furnitures after moving in. (Read: Lazy). So I must come out with minimalist decoration. 

I hope everything will be ok. And the new house will increase the distance from house to office around 24 km, so the new total will be more or less 70 km. Greatttttt! But I am happy mommy :) Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

visit Siem Reap, Cambodia - Angkor Wat

Actually I don't know anything about Cambodia until i found a nice picture on someone's blog. From there I learned about Angkor Wat and Ta Phrom. So that was how I fall in love with Cambodia and finally got the chance to make my dream come true. Alhamdulillah

Angkor Wat is an ancient temple. Earlier I thought we will just spend a few minutes after done with the sunrise because I thought it will be a bit boring to visit a temple. But I was wrong as we spent almost 4 hour from waiting the sunrise till somewhere 10am.

It is a beautiful, peaceful place. I saw a lot of tourist lie down and rest around this place. A big place that we only go to few place. And steep stairs made me decided not to go down. haha

Seriously, I love Cambodia :)

Friday, September 06, 2013

Visit Siem Reap, Cambodia - Waiting for sunrise at Angkor Wat

Firstly, I would like to thank my travel partner for making my dream comes true. Nani I love you. hehe

I never thought that we had the chance to watch sunrise at Angkor Wat. Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah it was a great experience. Mr Tong fetched us at 4.45 in the morning because we have to buy the pass to enter the temples. There are a lot of temple, and if you wish to explore all, and you have extra time, you can buy the 3 days pass for $40. We just have a day to spend and we bought the pass for a day which cost us $20. 

So Mr Tong wait for us outside and we walk in the Angkor Wat. You know we were lucky that we planned to visit Cambodia during non peak season. It is raining season. Yea even though it is non peak season but still thousands of tourists! Mr Tong said, during peak season, it is hard to reach Angkor Wat. Where the thousands of tuk tuk bring tourists to explore those temples. 

The most memorable thing when i was here was, there was a kid. Begging us to have breakfast at his coffee shop. I still remember his shop: number 99. He said his name is Justin Bieber. He came to us when it was still dark. An hour later, he came back with menu in his hand. And he said: I still remember you. Haha. So sweet!

Watching sunrise, we have to struggle a bit to get to the front so that we can capture a nice picture. You know, slowly walking between people, finally i was standing in front of the lake! haha. If you keep on waiting at the back, it is hard to snap a picture because you have hundreds of people in front of you.

So here are some pictures captured. Sunrise at Angkor Wat was awesome and Mr Tong said it was not that beautiful because of the raining season.