Friday, October 05, 2012

Ayesha went to USS

As a mom, am so much worry if we were to try something new with Ayesha with us. There's so much questions before going to USS. Will she cry? Will she behave? Will she shout? Will she feels uncomfortable with the crowd? But we just go hoping that she will like that place.

Behave, calm and happy.

And so she love to watch the red and blue ride.
Because people shouting and the ride seems like something  very interesting to her.

We waited for others enjoying the ride.
Because mommy will NEVER try the ride.
Fascinated by the galactica
Even jump around, so happy to see everyone spinning.
So my tips for this time is:

It's ok if your autistic kid cry, shout or whatever tantrum for the first time. Or even the second time. Or the third time, or fourth, maybe fifth or even sixth. Because as soon as she or he can adapt with the new place or routine, she or he will be ok. mommy and daddy need to be patience. Try to treat your kid like a normal person. Don't make them feel like they are king or queen. Don't under estimate them as they actually are very smart kid. Trust me!


azidah adli said...

Salam, saya sangat kagum dengan ketabahan anda.. saya juga baru mendapat tahu memiliki anak istimewa beberapa hari lepas. Boleh ke saya nak dapatkan email add awak untuk berkongsi pengalaman & mendapatkan tips berguna. tq